FIT srl


Software Development

We offer customised solutions to optimise and integrate key systems and processes within the production environment. Through the implementation of customised software, we aim to facilitate communication and cooperation between machines, devices and systems, creating a more efficient and interoperable industrial ecosystem. Our goal is to offer scalable and reliable software solutions, adaptable to each company's specific needs, to promote operational efficiency and competitiveness in today's industrial landscape.

Integration of automated systems

We focus on the harmonisation and optimisation of automated devices and equipment within the production environment. Through the use of state-of-the-art technology and a tailor-made approach, we aim to efficiently and synergistically synchronise the various automated components, from industrial robots to control systems, from production lines to monitoring systems. This process allows a continuous flow of data and information, enabling centralised control and smarter management of industrial activities.

Customer service

We offer comprehensive and dedicated support to our customers during all phases of implementation and use of integrated solutions. Our specialised team not only provides technical advice and personalised support, but also actively strives to understand the specific needs of each customer. We are ready to promptly solve technical challenges, provide guidance in the use of integrated solutions, and offer targeted training to staff to ensure optimal use of the implemented systems.

LV/MV distribution

Energy is vital to the success of your industrial operations. With our LV/MV distribution service, we guarantee a reliable supply of electricity to power your business. From planning to maintenance, we carefully manage your distribution network to ensure a steady flow of energy safely and efficiently. Rely on us for reliable and worry-free energy distribution.

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